Jason Mraz – I won’t give up

Great new song from Jason Mraz.

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The Lost Dogs – “The Glory Road” Trailer

This the just released trailer for the upcoming Lost Dogs DVD about their travels down Route 66.

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Johnny Cash: American VI – Ain’t No Grave

The last of the last of Rick Rubin & Johnny Cash’s American recordings was released this week. Appropriate that the title cut is a song called “Ain’t no Grave (can hold my body down)” on an album that was released after the Great Johnny Cash had left the planet for heaven.

Johnny, you are sorely missed, but singing with the angels now!

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UnTwistedArchivist @ Blip.fm

Just opened a Blip.fm DJ account today! Listen……

UnTwistedArchivist on Blip.fm

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Make You Feel My Love

Breathtaking recording of Adele doing a Dylan cover. Painfully pure and honest.
Along with the concept video:

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Fiction Family

Fiction Family
I’ve been intrigued by a new collaborative effort by Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman and Nickel Creek’s Sean Watkins. The collaboration works well, in a folk-acoustic-pop vein. The first single, “When She’s Near has a Beatlesque sound. I’m racing over to their website to order the CD! Website Link Here where you can download “When She’s Near” for FREE!

The video for When She’s Near is below:

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The Problem of Pride in the Age of Twitter

I think Brett McCracken is on to something here. It’s ironic to me that my recent correspondences on Facebook have been with elementary school classmates about a time in which there weren’t PCs on every desk or cell phones in every hand.

The Problem of Pride in the Age of Twitter

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Grace Falls Free

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R.I.P. Larry Norman

One Way
I stayed in Salem about a month ago with 2 close friends when we went to see the Lost Dogs in concert. We went to visit Larry’s grave as I didn’t make it to the funeral. Thinking of Larry now gives me pause as to what mark or legacy we all leave when leaving this earth. We can affect so many lives for the good, yet if we’re not careful, can leave a lot of pain as well. I hope that the balance of my life is pointing the way to Jesus.Larry's Headstone

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Down the Line

Down The Line

Cool upstart online mag done by trading acquaintances Matt Crosslin and Steve Ruff.

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